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A Guide To Increasing MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) For B2B Websites

Launching a successful marketing strategy for any business or brand is not always straightforward, especially without understanding your target audience and the goals you have for your company’s online presence. To succeed in even the most competitive markets, understanding how to increase MQLs for B2B websites and then score the leads effectively is necessary.

What is an MQL?

An MQL, also known as a Marketing Qualified Lead, is a lead that is generated based on other marketing campaign elements or tools you are using to generate leads and sales. An MQL may be an individual who is actively engaged with a website’s downloads and promotions but may not yet be ready to complete a sale or make a purchase on their own yet. Identifying MQLs for your business can significantly help segment your audiences for future marketing strategies and digital campaigns.

10 Tips for Getting More MQL

Increasing the number of marketing qualified leads, or MQL you receive on your website and any B2B website is not always a simple or straightforward process. To succeed in your pursuit of increasing MQL, there are a few tips and tricks to remember along the way throughout your journey.

1. Define MQL Criteria for Your Website and Business

Before you can begin increasing MQL or other leads on your B2B website, you will first need to define the criteria that you consider as MQL. Not all marketing strategies will use the same MQL criteria when developing their campaigns and promoting content, services, or products to specific audiences. Define which criteria you will use to target and increase MQL.

2. Segment Your Leads

Segmenting your leads is also highly advisable, even if you start a business for the first time. It is highly recommended to segment and organize leads you generate based on the platform(s), and method(s) used. Segment leads based on where you received contact information from, what steps were required to obtain the user’s information, and which platforms were used to submit their user information to you and your business.

3. Create Funnel-Based Content and Campaigns

Create funnel-based content and campaigns to target specific segmented audiences you intend to reach. After you segment your leads, craft unique and segment-specific content that is most likely to resonate with the MQL you are targeting and want to increase.

4. Provide Valuable Content

Spend time crafting and cultivating your content marketing strategy. Content marketing via email, a blog, or even via social media is one of the best ways to establish and build a brand’s online presence today. Providing valuable content to your users and current followers can also help with drastically increasing MQL.

5. Get Personal With Your Segmented Audiences

The more personal you can get with your segmented and optimized audiences, the easier it becomes to generate leads, sales, and ultimately, revenue. Use content and email marketing to get to know more about your current audience while also increasing MQL and the online engagement you receive overall.

6. Identify Pain Points

Use your online marketing strategy to help identify potential pain points your users and prospective customers may have. Identifying pain points can garner new users’ interest and can help build trust and loyalty among those who have a genuine interest in your business and brand.

7. Work Towards Solving a Problem for Your Readers/Customers/Clients

Always work towards solving a problem for your readers and online customers or clients. Problem-solving is the cornerstone of any truly successful entrepreneur. When you are working towards solving a problem, increase MQL, and keep those interested in your business coming back for more in the future.

8. Provide Users With Actionable Steps They Can Take

Sometimes, all that is required to increase MQL is a bit of direction. Provide your users and online readers or followers with actionable steps to take based on the content or advertisement they are seeing or being shown. Use actionable steps and directions to guide your prospective customers to your website, blog, or even to your eCommerce store, where you can request their email address or motivate them to complete their purchase immediately.

9. Use Visual, Audio, and Video Media Whenever Possible

If you want your company to stand out with the online marketing strategy, you launch, use visual, audio, and video media elements whenever possible. Increasing MQL is much easier with a brand that is not only high-quality but also visually and aesthetically pleasing.

Visual and video elements go a long way when branding and building a business and its image. Using the right visual elements can help attract new prospective customers while also helping you to spread brand awareness. As with any online presence or brand, you only have one opportunity to make a lasting and positive first impression, which is why using other media elements can come in handy as you establish yourself as professional, trustworthy, and authoritative.

10. Showcase Testimonials and Glowing Reviews

One way to solidify your company’s place in your preferred market or niche is to showcase customer reviews and client testimonials within your campaigns and on your official website itself. Using glowing reviews from satisfied customers and verified testimonials are optimal for anyone new to the business realm or getting started with an online presence for the first time.

With reviews and testimonials, showcase the level of customer service you provide while also helping showcase the type of products or services you have to offer. Use a specific section on your website or blog to highlight the best reviews and testimonials you have received from customers in the past. Highlighting and promoting testimonials and reviews from your previous customers is one of the best ways to build up a brand, even if you are new to an industry or highly competitive market.

Understanding what an MQL can help you better optimize future online campaigns you launch on any platform or with any tool you have in mind. Whether you intend to use social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, or even PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, identifying and increasing your MQLs can help you on the path to even greater success in your preferred market and/or industry.