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Beginners Guide To Initial Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Do you know a business that is not looking for customers? The reality is that every business is looking for new customers for conversion. They are always applying every strategy to make sales. Common strategies used are traditional and digital marketing. Some utilize both of them, while others use only one at a time. One of the essential aspects considered under such instances is the cost. In other words, the cost of acquiring customers.

The methods used should be cost-effective for the business both in the short and long term. That’s why every business needs to know its Customer Acquisition Cost. If you are a business person, marketer, or someone just interested in business matters, this article is the best for you. We are about to unveil interesting facts here about the Customer Acquisition Cost.

What is Customer Acquisition Cost?

Customer Acquisition Cost refers to the process of finding new customers and converting them to sales. Additionally, it involves costs and other resources to make the process effective. Costs are involved because getting new customers to buy from your business may not be possible without driving in resources.

Knowing the Customer Acquisition Cost is vital for every business because it helps determine the customer’s value. It also enables the business to understand whether the method they are using is economical. If you wonder how you can calculate the Customer Acquisition Cost for your business, this guide will help you.

Below is the formula:

Customer Acquisition Cost = Sales and Marketing Expenses / Number of New Customers or Leads


Sales and Marketing costs refer to payments to marketers; commissions paid, cost of advertisements, and overhead costs.
The number of new customers refers to the total number of customers acquired during the acquisition period.

Importance of Customer Acquisition Cost to a business

Every business must understand its CAC to avoid failure. It’s a key metric in measuring many factors.

1. Increases the ROI

Knowing how much you can get as a return from your marketing strategy is vital. For instance, if you applied more than three techniques and out of them in the past period, you realized that only two of them did well in terms of returns, you can consider optimizing them. Doing that will enable you to double the returns.

2. Increases profitability

Understanding your CAC will enable you to understand every customer’s value to your business. The best thing about understanding your customer is that you will always satisfy their needs, thus retaining them.

How to Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

The main aim of CAC is to get the best for your business. However, do you know how you can get the best results you have been yearning for? Here are some tips;

1. Value your Customers feedback

In any business strategy, always have your customers in mind because your business cannot operate successfully without them. Before introducing a new strategy, you can consider consulting with your loyal customers to determine if the idea suits them. Their reaction towards it will give you an insight into what you should do. Don’t ignore feedback, especially the negative ones.

The best thing to do is to accept their feedback and make improvements. That way, you will attract other new customers to your business because you will have the best strategies for solving their problems.

2. Create a good referral system and optimize it

The power of referrals is so magical. Therefore, if you want to get the best CAC, create a good and unique referral program. The program should have a reward system that will enable the referees to feel appreciated. When you do that, the other customers will also refer to others, minimizing your Customer Acquisition Cost.

3. Create Content that Attracts customers

If you have a website, you must know that the products or services are not enough to attract more customers. Creating great content for your customers is the best way of getting their attention to your website. It will also make them buy your products because of the information they will get on your website.

4. Integrate a top-notch customer support system

Remember that your customers value solutions to their problems. Opting to invest in a better customer support system will enable you to achieve the best customer engagement. Through that, you will have an idea of what is troubling them most. They will also be happy for you because of giving them viable solutions.

5. Make your customers buying process simple

Whether your business is operating in a physical place or online, buying products should not be complicated for the customers. Simplify it to minimize your bounce rate, especially on your website. Through that, your conversion rate will also increase.

Above are the ways you can make your CAC lower and fulfill your business goals. You can try them in your business to get the best results.


As a business, understanding your CAC will enable you to serve your customers in the best way and even retain them in the long term. Additionally, you will know the best methods to optimize on thus saving your costs. If you need help lowering CAC with your enterprise SEO strategy or a local SEO solution feel free to reach out.