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5 Top Enterprise Local SEO Challenges And Fixes

Local SEO is a crucial yet often neglected aspect of your enterprise local SEO strategy. As you plan your enterprise SEO strategy, prioritizing local SEO, understanding its challenges, and knowing how to overcome them is key for your SEO plan. You’ll get more traffic and more revenue with a focused enterprise local SEO strategy.

Below we outline the top five enterprise local SEO challenges and how you can solve them.

Neglecting Location in SEO

Enterprise companies often have hundreds or even thousands of locations and service areas. Retailers of this size might be tempted to neglect location in their enterprise local SEO strategy to focus on other factors. But numbers show that local search drives your SEO.

Our first point is the most basic yet most important aspect of your enterprise local SEO: prioritize your locations. Many enterprises need to begin with creating a local SEO strategy.

Understanding the efficacy of your local SEO efforts helps solidify the importance of this strategy. Utilize analytic tools to compile keyword, location, and market data. Your enterprise SEO team should outline where your brand is strong and where it’s weak and where competitors have a monopoly on the market. Once you know this information, you can create a plan to test in a specific section of your markets.

Test your enterprise local SEO efforts. Measure the results against your control numbers, and from there determine how local optimization could affect your enterprise on a large scale.

Local Listing Management

Listing management systems are the norm for enterprise local SEO efforts. They provide a single source of data for a company’s location information, ensuring that data stays organized and accurate.

Thankfully, local listing development is made simple with software and tools that scale creation for your enterprise. Managing these listings is important for your SEO. Local listing data degrades over time, and if left unmanaged, will affect your rankings, nullifying the work you’ve done to optimize for local search.

Prioritizing local listing management doesn’t have to be a challenge. Executing this aspect of your enterprise local SEO strategy keeps you where you want to be: at the top of the SERPs.

Location Architecture

An intentional site architecture allows bots to crawl your pages and learn all the locations of your enterprise. Many sites have a search box feature that allows users to find their locations. While this works for human site visitors, it’s difficult for Google’s spiders to find your locations through this method.

Create a locator architecture built with linkable State > City > Location structure. This allows bots to find your locations and enables local searchers to find you.

Google My Business Optimization

In some cases, the greatest enterprise local SEO challenges require simple fixes. For example, Google My Business optimization. GMB is a free tool utilized by businesses of all sizes. And while it’s simple to use, you can do more harm than good if you fail to optimize Google My Business for your enterprise.

  • GMB Optimization includes the following:
  • Complete all sections in your GMB listing
  • Regularly update business information
  • Consolidate addresses and phone numbers for each location
  • Monitor your page for reviews and respond to each

GMB provides the information searchers need and want to know about your business. Keeping it updated and accurate ensures you’re giving them what they need to locate your business. Plus, GMB optimization gets your ranked higher in Google’s SERPs.

Local Pack Visibility

Positioning yourself to appear in Google’s Local Packs gives you access to a ton of potential views –– and revenue. But many enterprises find that ranking for the Local Pack is easier said than done. What’s the secret to earning visibility? It has everything to do with your GMB listing.

Optimizing your GMB listing is helpful not only for users looking for local services, but it increases your chances of ranking in the Local Pack.

Many enterprise SEO teams covet this position even over the number one spot on the SERPs. The pack provides important information relevant to local users: address, phone number, hours, and a map. Earning one of these three Local Pack spots puts your business in front of local users looking for the exact goods or services you provide.


Don’t neglect local search optimization for your enterprise SEO. The team at Project 320 can take care of all your enterprise SEO and digital marketing needs to help you surpass your business goals. Contact us today to get started with local SEO for your enterprise.